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Like magic, the Deluxe Pressure Seal
accessory prints, folds and seals
documents effortlessly.
It is the easiest and best way to go! It used to take 3 people 2 days to fold the report cards and stuff envelopes. Now we complete the entire report card process in 1½ hours.


Belvidere Community
U.S.D., IL
How It Works
Instead of printing on your existing stock, you’ll print on special paper stock (custom options available) that works with your current software.
Insert new paper stock into the Deluxe Pressure Seal hardware. The machine will fold and seal each document, eliminating the need for extra envelopes.
That’s it! You’re ready to mail.
The Deluxe Pressure Seal machine
is perfect for:
  • Grade and progress reports
  • Payroll cheques and advice of deposit
  • Accounts payable cheques
  • Employee T4s and Tax Remittances
  • Private parent communication (absence & suspensions)
  • Confidential health clinic and hospital letters
Grade Report
Grade Report
Progress Report
Progress Report
Cheques page

Simple. Cost Effective. Smart.

Simple. Cost Effective. Smart.

Imagine a machine that prints, folds and seals cheques, custom forms and documents at speeds of up to 3,700 documents per hour in one easy operation. Just like that, your confidential documents are ready to be mailed — saving you loads of time and money on unnecessary envelopes.

With the Deluxe Pressure Seal products, you will get the hardware and the compatible forms needed to totally simplify your current process.

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